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"A useful tool that makes it easy in our modern world to make classic books part of your reading diet." - MacStories
"If you're looking for a way to fit more reading into your day, it's a pretty elegant solution." - Washington Post
"It works... I'm reading actual literature again, books that make me work a little harder and think a little more deeply." - Salon

Most Popular Books:

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen
40 issues
Little Women
Louisa May Alcott
84 issues
War and Peace
Leo Tolstoy
235 issues
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Oscar Wilde
29 issues
Herman Melville
79 issues

Recently Added Books:

Star Hunter
Andre Norton
13 issues
Lady Audley's Secret
Mary Elizabeth Braddon
49 issues
The Last American
John Ames Mitchell
4 issues
The Scarlet Plague
Jack London
6 issues
Green Mansions
W.H. Hudson
28 issues

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