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The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place
Arthur Conan Doyle
2 issues
The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger
Arthur Conan Doyle
2 issues
The Big Four
Agatha Christie
17 issues
The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Thornton Wilder
9 issues
The Complete Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle
251 issues
Copper Sun
Countee Cullen
4 issues
Death Comes for the Archbishop
Willa Cather
24 issues
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
76 issues
41 issues
Elmer Gantry
Sinclair Lewis
52 issues
His Last Bow
Arthur Conan Doyle
2 issues
In the Midst of Life
Ambrose Bierce
26 issues
A Journey in Other Worlds
John Jacob Astor
29 issues
Elias Lönnrot
62 issues
Hope Mirrlees
29 issues
Men Without Women
Ernest Hemingway
13 issues
William Faulkner
32 issues
Upton Sinclair
67 issues
The Outlaw of Torn
Edgar Rice Burroughs
20 issues
Spirits in Bondage & Dymer
C.S. Lewis
15 issues
Three Ghost Stories
Charles Dickens
8 issues
To the Lighthouse
Virginia Woolf
21 issues
Twilight Sleep
Edith Wharton
26 issues
A Voice from Harper's Ferry
Osborne Perry Anderson
7 issues
The Worm Ouroboros
E.R. Eddison
56 issues
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