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The Absolute at Large
Karel Capek
16 issues
Coming of Age in Samoa
Margaret Mead
20 issues
Culture and Anarchy
Matthew Arnold
21 issues
Decline and Fall
Evelyn Waugh
21 issues
S. Fowler Wright
39 issues
74 issues
Home to Harlem
Claude McKay
18 issues
La Grande Bretèche
Honoré de Balzac
3 issues
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Ford Madox Ford
20 issues
The Making of Americans
Gertrude Stein
144 issues
The Mystery of the Blue Train
Agatha Christie
23 issues
Old Friends and New Fancies
Sybil G. Brinton
36 issues
On the Art of Reading
Arthur Quiller-Couch
21 issues
Virginia Woolf
24 issues
Richard III
William Shakespeare
18 issues
The Secret of the Old Mill
Franklin W. Dixon
14 issues
Some Do Not...
Ford Madox Ford
32 issues
Theodore Savage
Cicely Hamilton
19 issues
Tom Brown's School Days
Thomas Hughes
33 issues
The Tower
W.B. Yeats
8 issues
The Vicar of Wakefield
Oliver Goldsmith
20 issues
Visible and Invisible
E.F. Benson
24 issues
The Well of Loneliness
Radclyffe Hall
54 issues
West-Running Brook
Robert Frost
6 issues
Whose Body?
Dorothy L. Sayers
19 issues
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