Added Recently

Authenticated History of the Bell Witch
Martin V. Ingram
23 issues
The Book of Were-wolves
Sabine Baring-Gould
17 issues
The Boxcar Children
Gertrude Chandler Warner
10 issues
The Colour Out of Space
H.P. Lovecraft
4 issues
The Dark Other
Stanley Weinbaum
16 issues
Demonology and Devil-lore
Moncure Daniel Conway
83 issues
Fear and Trembling
Sören Kierkegaard
15 issues
The Flying Saucers Are Real
Donald Keyhoe
18 issues
The Headless Horseman
Mayne Reid
70 issues
James Branch Cabell
29 issues
The King of Elfland's Daughter
Lord Dunsany
24 issues
Lorna Doone
R.D. Blackmore
84 issues
The Man in the Brown Suit
Agatha Christie
25 issues
Mary Barton
Elizabeth Gaskell
53 issues
The Most Dangerous Game
Richard Connell
3 issues
A Passage to India
E.M. Forster
33 issues
Poirot Investigates
Agatha Christie
21 issues
The Rats in the Walls
H.P. Lovecraft
3 issues
The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects
Edward J. Ruppelt
36 issues
Rock Crystal
Adalbert Stifter
6 issues
The Story of Doctor Dolittle
Hugh Lofting
10 issues
The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories
Lord Dunsany
13 issues
Tales of Men and Ghosts
Edith Wharton
33 issues
Ten Days that Shook the World
John Reed
28 issues
The Terror
Arthur Machen
14 issues
Torrents of Spring
Ivan Turgenev
17 issues
Yevgeny Zamyatin
23 issues
Wired Love
Ella Cheever Thayer
17 issues
Women and Economics
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
23 issues
Wonders of the Invisible World
Cotton Mather
27 issues