Anna Adolph
10 issues
The Blazing World
Margaret Cavendish
17 issues
A Crystal Age
W.H. Hudson
25 issues
Samuel Butler
36 issues
The Goddess of Atvatabar
William R. Bradshaw
31 issues
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
24 issues
Looking Backward
Edward Bellamy
26 issues
Men Like Gods
H.G. Wells
25 issues
Mizora: A Prophecy
Mary E. Bradley Lane
18 issues
Moving the Mountain
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
17 issues
The New Atlantis
Francis Bacon
5 issues
Three Hundred Years Hence
Mary Griffith
8 issues
Unveiling a Parallel
Alice Ilgenfritz Jones & Ella Merchant
15 issues
Thomas More
13 issues