Anna Adolph
10 issues
The Blazing World
Margaret Cavendish
17 issues
A Crystal Age
W.H. Hudson
25 issues
Samuel Butler
36 issues
The Goddess of Atvatabar
William R. Bradshaw
31 issues
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
24 issues
A Journey in Other Worlds
John Jacob Astor
29 issues
Looking Backward
Edward Bellamy
26 issues
Men Like Gods
H.G. Wells
25 issues
Mizora: A Prophecy
Mary E. Bradley Lane
18 issues
Moving the Mountain
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
17 issues
The New Atlantis
Francis Bacon
5 issues
Three Hundred Years Hence
Mary Griffith
8 issues
Unveiling a Parallel
Alice Ilgenfritz Jones & Ella Merchant
15 issues
Thomas More
13 issues
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