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"For those who are intimidated by thick, leather-bound tomes, Serial Reader is a good way to break it all down."
"This just might be the reading mode of the future."
"If you want to read more books, Serial Reader offers a clever, convenient way to do that."
"A godsend... you can fit in these readings while waiting at the doctor's office, on a bus or taxi ride, or during a coffee break at work"
"Serial Reader's subscription format makes it a little bit more fun to crank through the classics."
"It works... I'm reading actual literature again, books that make me work a little harder and think a little more deeply."
"Ingenious app... Fun idea, well executed."
"Allows you to read more books without disturbing your daily routine."
"Helps you read the classics one bit at a time."
"Could help revive the art of reading, in just 20 minute bite size sessions a day."
"Serial Reader makes finding the time to read classic literature easier than ever."
"This smart app lets you subscribe to classic books and sends you an installment to read each day."
"A clever system that really does get you reading"
"If you have always wanted to read a classic novel... this is the perfect app for reading one in daily bite-sized pieces."
"A clever concept that makes even weightier tomes seem manageable."
"Subscribe to as many books as you want, and get a new slice of each every day."
"Serial Reader delivers serialized content from classics of literature to readers daily in batches that can be read in 20 minutes."
"Maybe it's time you caught up on all those books you skipped in high school. Serial Reader makes it easy."

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