Stories of Chicago

· 11/15/2018 · Michael Schmitt

Map of Chicago, 1938

Journey through Chicago's history - and a bit into a sci-fi future! - with this collection of Windy City books in Serial Reader!

They include the unforgettable descriptions of the stockyards from muckraking journalist Upton Sinclair and, from another journalist, a collection of treasured columns emblematic of the city. The big city threatens to overwhelm Caroline Meeber in Sister Carrie, some of the very same pressures Jane Addams sought to save people from through her social programs centered around the Hull House. Finally, Paul W. Fairman uses Chicago as the backdrop to a chilling '50s sci-fi adventure.

The Jungle
Upton Sinclair
66 issues
Sister Carrie
Theodore Dreiser
61 issues
Deadly City
Paul W. Fairman
6 issues
The Pit
Frank Norris
42 issues
Twenty Years at Hull House
Jane Addams
35 issues
1001 Afternoons in Chicago
Ben Hecht
29 issues
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