New Serials: Adventures Around the World & Living the Good Life

· 11/10/2018 · Michael Schmitt

Quite the selection of new books now available in Serial Reader! Travel through Africa in search of Livingstone, or with Mary Kingsley looking for scientific specimens (and smashing down Victorian norms for women). Or head further back in time with Tacitus’ histories. There’s a new play from Henrik Ibsen (author of “A Doll’s House”), novels from the Philippines and the old west, plus the handbook on living the Christian good life “The Imitation of Christ.”

How I Found Livingstone
Henry Morton Stanley
48 issues
The Agricola and The Germania
9 issues
The Imitation of Christ
Thomas à Kempis
28 issues
Noli Me Tángere
José Rizal
48 issues
The Beautiful Eyes of Ysidria
Charles A. Gunnison
5 issues
An Enemy of the People
Henrik Ibsen
13 issues
Travels in West Africa
Mary Kingsley
60 issues

Find them all in the Serial Reader app! And don’t forget to request books you’d like to see added soon!

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