New Books Enter the Public Domain for 2023: To the Lighthouse, Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Death of the Archbishop & more

· 12/31/2022 · Michael Schmitt

Happy 2023! As has become tradition, sees another collection of classic books entering the US public domain. This year, works published in 1927 are now freely available including titles from Virginia Woolf, Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Willa Cather, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner and more.

Many are now available to read in Serial Reader! A list of highlights is below and you can find the full list of new books in Serial Reader in the "New to the Public Domain" collection. For more on works entering the public domain, check out Duke Law's excellent article.

To the Lighthouse
Virginia Woolf
21 issues
A gripping exploration of the tensions within a family -- between men and women, children and adults, past and future -- while on holiday to Scotland's Isle of Skye. • More info ›
Men Without Women
Ernest Hemingway
13 issues
A collection of short stories including some of Hemingway's best works: "The Killers", "Hills Like White Elephants", and "In Another Country" • More info ›
Death Comes for the Archbishop
Willa Cather
24 issues
The tale of the life of Father Latour and the world he comes to know: 19th century New Mexico, a collision of cultures, lonely landscapes, and the gentle spread of his faith. • More info ›
The Complete Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle
251 issues
All the stories of the famous "consulting detective" Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Dr. John Watson. • More info ›
Twilight Sleep
Edith Wharton
26 issues
A modernist satirical novel of the Jazz Age following a socialite New York family through parties, affairs, divorce, drugs, and murder. • More info ›
The Big Four
Agatha Christie
17 issues
A surprise guest on the doorstep of Hercule Poirot pulls the famed detective into a web of mystery, murder, and international espionage. • More info ›
William Faulkner
32 issues
A satirical novel skewering the artists, socialities, rich, and would-be-rich on a New Orleans boating trip. • More info ›
Upton Sinclair
67 issues
A narrative inspired by the Teapot Dome Scandal diving into the bribery, politics, rivalries, and class warfare of oil production in California. Became the film There Will Be Blood. • More info ›
Elmer Gantry
Sinclair Lewis
52 issues
The scandolous tale of a evangelist reverend, rising in the Methodist church while pursuing women, money, and self-indulgence. • More info ›
Copper Sun
Countee Cullen
4 issues
A poetry collection from a Harlem Renaissance great, including many works on love - love as a unifier, love for nature, religious love, love leading to death. • More info ›
The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Thornton Wilder
9 issues
After a bridge collapses killing five people, a monk sets out to learn about each victim and uncover god's purpose in the tragedy. • More info ›
The Outlaw of Torn
Edgar Rice Burroughs
20 issues
In 13th-century England, torn unsunder by civil war, a skilled outlaw with a familiar face strives against the king. • More info ›
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