Seven Years of Serial Reader

· 01/27/2023 · Michael Schmitt

Today marks seven years since the 1.0 release of Serial Reader arrived in the App Store.

Back then it was hardly more than a polished version of a prototype I had used to read My Antonia on iPhone 6 during my train commutes into Chicago in late 2015. A few weeks later, Apple promoted it on the home page of the App Store -- which was so much simpler back then -- and suddenly a personal hobby became, well, a more serious hobby that a lot of people seemed to enjoy. (A few days after that, I learned one the earliest adopters was actor Debra Messing 😳 life is wild.)

Since then I've changed jobs, changed homes, got married, had a daughter, and long since stopped commuting into work -- but I'm still reading some great classic literature (and some not so classic literature) in daily bite-sized bits on my phone (now an iPhone 13 Mini). I hope you are, too.

By the way, seven years is 2,555 days. If you had set aside 20 minutes a day for each of those days, you could have:

  • Read War & Peace or Les Miserable 10 times
  • Read David Copperfield or Middlemarch 16 times
  • Read Middlemarch or Bleak House 17 times
  • Read Moby Dick or Crime & Punishment 32 times
  • Read My Antonia, the book that started all this silliness, 69 times. (Don't worry I only read it twice)

I've got some fun plans for Serial Reader including a new major version update that I hope to release this year. Hopefully the next seven years are even better than the first. Thanks for reading! -Michael

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