New Books Enter the Public Domain for 2024: Virginia Woolf, Agatha Christie, Robert Frost & more

· 01/01/2024 · Michael Schmitt

Happy Public Domain Day! With 2024 comes a new collection of works entering the US public domain published in 1928. Many of these are now available in Serial Reader including works from Virginia Woolf, Agatha Christie, Robert Frost, Radclyffe Hall, and others.

A list of highlights is below and you can find the full list of new books in Serial Reader in the "New to the Public Domain" collection. For more on works entering the public domain, check out Duke Law's excellent article.

Virginia Woolf
24 issues
The poet Orlando spans centuries and genders - taking inspiration from the family history of Woolf's friend and lover - in this feminist classic. • More info ›
The Mystery of the Blue Train
Agatha Christie
23 issues
In the French Riveria, a train arrives with an American heiress murdered and her legendary jewel missing. Famed detective Hercule Poirot must unravel the deadly mystery. • More info ›
The Well of Loneliness
Radclyffe Hall
54 issues
Upper-class Englishwoman Stephen is a bestselling author and war hero, but her love of women collides with a close-minded society in this influential lesbian novel. • More info ›
Home to Harlem
Claude McKay
18 issues
After deserting the army in WWI, Jake Brown dodges racial violence and struggles with different paths to confront the prejudice of American society. • More info ›
West-Running Brook
Robert Frost
6 issues
A collection from the famed American poet including "Acquainted with the Night", "A Winter Eden", "Spring Pools", and more. • More info ›
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Ford Madox Ford
20 issues
The concluding entry in Ford's Parade's End series exploring the devastation and legacy of the First World War. • More info ›
The Tower
W.B. Yeats
8 issues
A collection of poetry including some of Yeats' most famous and influential works, including "Sailing to Byzantium," "Leda and the Swan," and "Among School Children." • More info ›
S. Fowler Wright
39 issues
The few survivors of a global flood struggle to rebuild society in this mix of post-apocalyptic fiction, sci-fi, and romance. • More info ›
Decline and Fall
Evelyn Waugh
21 issues
Forced out of Oxford for shameful behavior, Paul Pennyfeather moves to an obscure school to teach alongside other misfits in this satire of British society. • More info ›
Coming of Age in Samoa
Margaret Mead
20 issues
A landmark anthropological work detailing the youth of Ta'u in the Samoan Islands. • More info ›
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