New Serials: June 2021

· 06/05/2021 · Michael Schmitt

Whew, it's been a while! After a break for rest and family, I've been adding more books to Serial Reader.

Previously I tried to highlight new books on a weekly basis but that cadence got away from me, so going forward I'm going to try a monthly blog post that I'll update as new books arrive. The latest titles from June 2021 are listed below, including Rabindranath Tagore's autobiography, an eerie prediction of the Titantic's sinking, Helen Keller's autobiography, P.T. Barnum's exploration of "humbugs," and more.

Happy reading!

The Rainbow
D.H. Lawrence
59 issues
Follow three generations of the Brangwens, a vigorous family settled in the rural Midlands of England, from humble local beginnings to a larger industrial world. • More info ›
My Inventions
Nikola Tesla
8 issues
An autobiography of the famous inventor, engineer, and futurist Nikola Tesla, assembled from a series of articles Tesla wrote for "Electrical Experimenter." • More info ›
Twenty-Two Years a Slave
Austin Steward
26 issues
An autobiography of Steward's enslavement, escape, and life as a free man before the Civil War. • More info ›
The Story of My Life
Helen Keller
12 issues
Helen Keller, who lost her sight and hearing at a young age, recounts her life and in particular her experiences being taught by Anne Sullivan. • More info ›
My Reminiscences
Rabindranath Tagore
21 issues
Renowned Bengali poet, composer, and artist Rabindranath Tagore provides brief autobiographical glimpses into his life. • More info ›
A Pickle For The Knowing Ones
Timothy Dexter
3 issues
Written by the eccentric businessman Timothy Dexter - who once faked his own death to see how people would react - this work discusses politics, the clergy, and more. Note it includes odd spelling and capitalization. • More info ›
The Misadventures of John Nicholson
Robert Louis Stevenson
8 issues
The hapless John Nicholson trips over mistakes, follies, and bad luck until he's across the world from his family and suspected of murder. • More info ›
The Wreck of the Titan
Morgan Robertson
8 issues
Written 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic, this novella follows deckhand John Rowland on the doomed April voyage of fictional British ocean liner Titan. • More info ›
Magic Shadows: The Story of the Origin of Motion Pictures
Martin Quigley, Jr.
18 issues
A walkthrough of historical developments, marching towards the advent of film and motion pictures, from ancient history to Edison. • More info ›
The Humbugs of the World
P.T. Barnum
40 issues
The "Prince of Humbugs" himself describes a wide range of hoaxes, cons, swindles, and scams. • More info ›
The Plastic Age
Percy Marks
26 issues
The story of Hugh Carver and his experiences as a Sanford college. It'd depictions of undergrad life - including smoking, drinking, and "petting" - got the book banned and made it a best-selling novel. • More info ›
The Little White Bird
J.M. Barrie
23 issues
A series of short fantasy episodes, including the introduction of Peter Pan. • More info ›
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Frances Hodgson Burnett
19 issues
Young Cedric Errol's generosity and kind nature are tested after he's discovered to be heir to an English earl and uprooted from his middle-class American life. • More info ›
The Story of a Lie
Robert Louis Stevenson
6 issues
In love with Esther Van Tromp, Dick Naseby decides not to reveal a terrible truth about her father - a decision that leads to misunderstandings and sorrow. • More info ›
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