Serial Reader is made by me, Michael Schmitt (👋). I also add all the books to the app.

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Are the books abridged?

All of the books offered in Serial Reader are unabridged.

Does it cost money to subscribe to a book?

No, you can subscribe to as many books as you would like in Serial Reader for free.

Why would I only want to read 20 minutes of a book per day?

Dividing up a book in 20 minute daily issues offers several benefits but definitely isn't for everyone. I built the app to improve my reading habits by slowing down: limiting myself to digest smaller parts of dense literature over many days helped me think more critically about the work and retain more of the story. Others find it's a great way to work through otherwise daunting books, or to luxuriously re-read old favorites.

How can I find the translator of a book?

If a book was originally written in a language other than English, the translator should be listed at the beginning of the book's first issue. If not, please let me know and I'll add it ASAP.

How do I unsubscribe from a book?

You can unsubscribe by swiping to the left on the book in the bottom list of the initial home screen within Serial Reader, or by going to the "Settings" section within a book and selecting the "Delete Serial" button.

How do I change font and size settings?

You can change fonts, sizes, margins, themes, and more while reading by selecting the "Aa" or settings gear icon in the top navigation bar. If the navigation bar is not visible, simply tap the center of the screen to make it appear.

Can I add my own books?

Yes! You can add your own ebook files to Serial Reader. The app will automatically serialize your books, letting you read one issue a day just like other books in Serial Reader. When browing for new books, simply select the "Add Your Own Book" option to get started. Please note this feature is currently in beta and only accepts EPUB files. It cannot accepted files with DRM protections.

Can I request a book?

Yes! The easiest way is to search for the book in Serial Reader. If it's not available, a "Request" button will appear where you can send the title and author of the book you want directly to me. I may not be able to add your request due to rights issues, but I look at every request that comes in! I can most easily add books published before 1925.

Can I sync my reading progress with Goodreads?

Yes! You can add your Goodreads account in Serial Reader's settings after which your reading progress will be automatically synced to your Goodreads account. This can be turned off at any time in Serial Reader's settings. Note that progress updates are only synced to Goodreads if you've progressed 5% or more from your previous state on Goodreads. This is done to avoid too many updates appearing in your Goodreads account, which most people find too noisy.

Can I read ahead or get the next issue today?

Yes! You can Read Ahead in serials by selecting a future issue from the book's "All Issues" section, or by selecting "Next Issue" while reading. Read Ahead is included in Serial Premium, a one-time in-app purchase to unlock advanced features like this.

Can I sync between devices?

Yes. Cloud Sync is offered as part of Serial Premium, a one-time in-app purchase. You can control sync options in the Settings section of Serial Reader. If enabled, Serial Reader automatically keeps your serials and progress in sync across your devices. On iOS this is done automatically through iCloud. You can additionally sign up for a Serial account by providing your email address & password, then sign in to that account on other iOS and Android devices to keep those in sync as well.

Please note on Android an account is not created automatically. You must sign up with an email address and password after unlocking Premium features to enable sync functionality.

What's Serial Premium?

Serial Premium is a one-time in-app purchase for $2.99 (US) that unlocks additional features: Read Ahead, Cloud Sync, notes, highlights, additional fonts, and more. Serial Premium helps me dedicate more time to developing Serial Reader and add more books. More features may be added to Serial Premium in the future for no additional cost. The purchase is completely optional. Thanks for your support!

Are there other ways to support Serial Reader?

Yes! Please share the app with your friends and family - it's really encouraging to hear more people are enjoying Serial Reader. (There's also a Tip Jar section in Serial Reader's Settings.)

Who are you?

My name is Michael and I develop Serial Reader from top to bottom, as well as add all books. I built Serial Reader to help improve my own reading habits and re-discover classic books. I hope you enjoy it!

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